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    April 13, 2010


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    Cheryl McDonald

    I am in the process of writing a new page also- interesting how what you think you really love and want in your life, sometimes is not REALLY what you want or need. I guess for me, it is about allowing that image that I have of myself to evolve and change as the scenery on a path evolves and changes. Being open to what is around the bend is an important part of the growth. And it is okay to write it down and then write it down again as it changes. Thanks Jean, I like the word refresh- that is what we are doing!

    Carolyn Jones

    Great concept and great question, Jean. What do I want to see from my life? What does my perfect day look like? Yes, looking forward and not back.

    Just a thought on Frank, if I may. I am sorry he is chasing rabbits in the sky instead of with you. I can relate to your pet dying and still grieving his loss... I had a cat whose death took two years to get over. But when I was done with my grieving, and I didn't push myself, I was truly able to open my heart to two new kitties. I still miss Maynard; he is grinning down at me. :) I'm sure Frank is, too, at you. :)

    Carolyn CJ Jones

    Ron L. Welsh

    Great template to create your perfect day. It’s easy to just say “refresh” but your instructions make it do-able.
    Ron L. Welsh
    Sonoma County Properties

    Renee Ludwigs

    You've given me some powerful food for thought. What a great way to think about what we are really trying to achieve in our lives. Like you, I think my perfect day changes periodically. So I guess it would be a good idea to do this exercise on a regular basis. Thanks for the motivation!

    Renee Ludwigs
    "Finding tropical tranquility by living with An Island Perspective"

    Jennifer Duchene

    What a terrific idea. Letting go of old stuff changing beliefs has a lot to do with "refreshing" our thinking.
    I like the idea of writing it all out. Focusing on mapping the present & the future into reality!
    Jennifer Duchene


    Very nice post, Jean. It's like the best "to do" list one can ever make -- the one that really counts, the one that should begin with a title in big bold letters "Carpe Diem! Seize the Day!"

    Thanks for sharing,

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