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    April 12, 2010


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    Andy Donovan

    I love it Jean - a "refresh" button for life...who wouldn't want one of these once in a while. :) Andy


    I'm with Andy! There's such a wealth of inspiration and metaphor in that. Clearing the cache is another one that seems to go hand in hand with the refresh. Clearing things pout means we jettison things that are being held in memory. Before we pull that trigger, we have to pause for a moment and think about what's clutter, and what's keepsake; we're definitely going to give up something, but it's in the hopes that we're gaining a better, more responsive, more rewarding overall experience.

    Thanks for such a timely and insightful topic.


    Spring is definitely in the air and I think your thought helps remind us to stop and consciously "refresh" now and then amid life's clutter. 'course I don't have a "refresh" button on my computer but I do have an F5 key that does the same thing. So, time to F5 it!:)


    Hi Jean, I found your blog through Ann's blogger Monday. I love this post and idea of "refreshing." For me, exercising is like refreshing. It's a chance for me to change my mood or how my day is going. Of course, I don't smell that fresh afterwards but that's a different story...LOL.


    Molly Burke, Queen of Confidence

    More fresh! More fresh!

    Going for a hike now. Now that's some more fresh!

    Molly Burke CPCC MSU
    Queen of Confidence
    "Even before I begin, I am made of win!"

    Ann Evanston

    I truly believe that the reason we have so many Monday's is because we are meant to start over! Love this let's refresh!

    Ann Evanston

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