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    April 21, 2010


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    Tracey Fisher

    First, I love the subject matter. Our senses are our most important faculties and the ones that we take the most for granted. I love to hear the sound of my nephew's voice and touching and petting my dog. And these are just a few of the senses I use everyday. Thank you for making more aware and I hope that I will not have to lose any of them in order to appreciate them more.


    Kerry Hargraves

    Yes, yes, yes. This is why I don't read the paper or watch the news. They are slanted toward fear and paranoia and I avoid that as much as possible. Our surroundings not only reflect who we are, they influence who we are and how we feel. Get rid of the ugly and replace it with beauty. If you can only afford one beautiful thing, have that one beautiful thing.

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