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    April 23, 2010


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    Tanya Boggs

    The joy of taste, what could be better! I am such a foodie, so I LOVE to savor the flavors. These are great reminders that we could all slow down, be more present and really appreciate what is being offered in the moment. Thanks for the reminder!

    Lee Lonitz

    You're right...people sometimes scarf down their food just to finish the deal of a trivial meal. This probably explains why we stop to savor more expensive dishes when we're out at fine dining restaurants.

    What I've learned recently that it is important to have 'mindfulness'. When we eat, we should turn off distractions both external and internal and just focus on the food and its taste and nourishment. If you ever visit a Buddhist temple for lunch, you'll see exactly what I mean!

    Also, I understand that turning off certain senses when eating can heighten others. I would love to try 'dining in the dark,' where the lights are turned out so you can't see your food and you have to rely on your sense of 'taste' along with smell to savor your food.

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