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    May 18, 2010


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    Tracey Fisher

    It is very hard to put yourself first, especially when you are the family caregiver. You are always looking for ways to make sure your family, loved one, or whoever is important to you, is happy. Thanks for reminding us that we to have the right to think of ourselves first every once in a while.



    I think you are right Tracey..it is hard. I saw the woman again today who I wrote about. When I saw she...after a full day at work she said with a smile...this is for me. I believe with all my heart we each have to find those things taht allow us to say that with a smile in our heart! That's the only way we can keep giving with joy and not out of oligation and sense of duty.


    Hi Jean, I totally agree. I think we often give 'until it hurts' and many people consider giving to themselves 'selfish.' But like you said, if you don't, you run out of things, energy, etc. to give and burn out. So it's important, no matter how hard it is, to stop at moments and rejuvenate ourselves by giving to ourselves so that we may continue to give to others.



    I wish there was an easy way to learn this Lee! :) Maybe some people get it...but I fear most people have this dramatic push pull within themselves when it comes to self care. I learned the hard way that there is a limit to what you can give when you don't take time to renew. Here's to fabulous enlightenment that there is a better way to do things! :)

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