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    September 28, 2010


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    Unfortunately, I am a master at defeating myself. I go with the urgent more than the necessary-but-longer-term choices on my list.


    Theresa I have been right there with you! But I am determined to change that behavior! My issue...okay one of them :) ... has been to put everyone else before me. Everyone and I kid you NOT! I am determined and focused on changing that this time around. Not to the exclusion of everyone else but I finally got it that if I don't take care of myself first...eventually I will have nothing left. That did happen and it has taken me several years to get myself back.

    One tip for your list that I use...actually write the list on white paper with markers and look at it a lot. Having it front and center helps me be focused when I start to slip back to old behavior! Let me know if that helps...


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