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    April 20, 2012


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    Here is a list of stuff I’ve taken, not necessary in order of imrtnoapceAll the bikes legal papers and photo copies of them.A repair manual specific for the motorcycle you use, trimmed down with only the important pages left, motor and transmission repair, tune up and electrical diagram and specifications. You might not be able to do the repairs but others who can in the areas you visit may need the info. If possible a list off the internet of same brand motorcycle shops along the route you take.All the tools needed that came with the motorcycle or their replacements, plus small tire irons (3) and a pair of medium size vice grips (locking pliers) model with side cutters.Extra fusesTire repair kit with lots of patches, extra set of inner tubes front and backLight weight bicycle air pumpOne extra spark plugExtra gas filter (small external type)A small piece of electrical wire #16, say 6 feet long (good for making temporary electrical fixes)Extra Bulb for taillight and if possible a small (not sealed beam type) bulb for headlightOne roll of black electrical tapeLaugh at this you might, but a small 6 feet piece of baling wire, good for temporary fix's.Chain master link (two of them)A cable lockFlash light small type that uses AA batteries or wind up type.Of course your personal info, Passport, driver’s license (two driver’s license if possible) and photo copies of these. Debit cards (better than carrying cash on you), telephone calling card.Camping gear (your choice) boots and riding gear, a light weight set of rain gear (pants and jacket)Of course helmut, goggles, gloves A friendly smile, tolerance and patience

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