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    June 29, 2012


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    The thing to remember is that you're usllauy going to compromise some value when you eat out, even if you're eating salad. Iodized table salt, yeast, white flour, roasted nuts, msg, processed oils, canned beans & olives, petroleum based vinegar, etc. These might be okay periodically, but if you are doing this all the time, you need to think about which of these are important and choose based on that.Look for restaurants that serve organic food, local food, or raw cuisine. They usllauy use better ingredients as well (cold pressed oils, better vinegar, sea salt). You pay a bit more than your standard sit down restaurant, but I think the gap is narrowing (plus, have you seen the price of a BK meal recently?!?) Sometimes you can find a coffeeshop that serves decent food (just skip the muffins).What about coming up with some higher calorie smoothies to make daily, using superfoods? That's fast, and if you can find yourself something that fills you up, you can take it with you. If you start going out 1-2 less times per month, you could use that money to justify something exotic like cacao, chia seed, hemp protein, etc.

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