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    February 11, 2013


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    Heather Bestel

    You are so right. I'm a recovering perfectionist and this post reminds me that I use to focus so much on gathering info that I never actually did anything. Great reminder to just start and the tweaking can happen afterwards - thank you.

    Gladys Parker

    Very true. Sometimes we have so much on our minds we can't get a straight stream of thought. Thanks for sharing!


    Hi Jean,

    I love this post! Great insight and inspiration for many of us who can;t seem to get moving. You offer a great wake up call. Awesome post!


    Jean Buschke

    Thanks for stopping by Wyn, Gladys and Heather! I appreciate your comments. I for one needed a kick! I have so many ideas flying around I don't get to actually doing them. That is stopping. They may not be perfect but they will "get out there!" :)

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